Annual Report

60 Years of GOOD

Since 1963, Goodwill has helped provide meaningful employment for those with disabilities and barriers to the workforce. From the very first Goodwill store on 103rd avenue in downtown Edmonton, to more than a dozen retail stores across Alberta, Goodwill is striving to make a positive impact in our province.

For 60 years, Goodwill is providing opportunityservice and GOOD.

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A Message From Leadership

Annual Message from our President & CEO Dale Monaghan
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For 60 years, Goodwill has played an impactful role in our province, in our community and across the province, providing people with the opportunity to enhance their lives through the power of work and the dignity of a job.

Our journey in 2022 was momentous and groundbreaking, and we are proud to share the progress made in achieving our goals and advancing our mission. Goodwill has remained steadfast in our commitment to excellence, making a positive impact in the communities we serve.

To strengthen our operations for future years, focusing on people, profit with purpose and the planet, the foundation was laid for a new logistics centre of operations to support our growing social enterprise in Calgary. This development was the beginnings of the amazing Calgary Impact Centre, with plans to open in April of 2023. We are so proud and excited to open an amazing centre of excellence within one of Canada’s most incredible cities!

Through a commitment of continuous improvement, Goodwill focused on optimizing every aspect of the organization, from donations, to the shopping experience, resulting in more opportunities for our mission, partners and community members. Thanks to this optimization strategy, new milestones were achieved, including, posting a record for store transactions… with over 1.5 million transactions being processed in our retail stores.

Waste diversion continues to be a priority, as Goodwill increased the waste diversion rate from landfills to 87%. A rate that is unheard of by industry standards, yet we will not sit and marinate in this success, we will advance and become better and better.

Providing support for the mission portfolio also continues to grow, with an increase to 91¢ of every dollar spent at Goodwill, being invested into mission development programs. Our Mission Impact portfolio continues to innovate, by introducing a brand-new program, the Employment Inclusion Accelerator, with a target of providing support and coaching to employers who seek to hire people with disabilities or barriers.

As we celebrate our history of 60 years of GOOD, we move forward with a mindset of “each day we get better and better.” We are excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and the potential for continued growth and progress. We are committed to building on our successes and working towards even greater achievements in the coming year.

From the very first Goodwill store we opened in 1963, on 103a Ave in downtown Edmonton, to what is now 27 stores and donation centres across Alberta, thank you to our 1.5 million shoppers, over 750,000 donors, nearly 1,000 team members and countless volunteers who continue to make such a profound difference.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Goodwill and for your commitment to our mission of supporting those with disabilities or barriers to find and gain meaningful employment. Together, we can make a positive impact in Alberta and together we can continue to catch excellence!

Annual Message from our Board Chair Kevin MacDonald
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As I end my term as Chair of the Board of Directors, I would like to take a moment to reflect on our accomplishments over the past year and express my gratitude and pride for the opportunity to serve this esteemed organization. It has been a privilege to serve on the board since 2015 and as the Board Chair since 2018, and I am proud of the progress we have made during this time.

With 60 years of inspiring history, Goodwill continues to achieve and be recognized as an award-winning organization. We were honoured in 2022 to receive a national Clean50 award for our Sustainability Action Plan. This action plan diverted over 18million kg’s from landfills in 2022, with our Edmonton Impact Centre also presented with an award for excellence in Change Buildings for Climate. We are a leader in sustainability and positive environmental impact with our CEO proudly sharing our success with Goodwill CEOs from across North America.

We successfully launched a new partnership with WINhouse in Edmonton, helping women and families in need to find clothing to suit their needs. Partnerships like this provide crucial support to people in our region and we look forward to expanding our partnerships in the coming years.

Within our mission services, Goodwill @ Work has been working with organizations like Suncor and Telus to provide more employment hours for those with disabilities. Through the partnership with Suncor, over 4,000 bolt kits and 30,000 individual bolts have been serviced for use at their operational sites, while over 6,000 Telus promotional door hangars were delivered to households in Edmonton.

Throughout my tenure, I have witnessed that we lead by example, as we are guided by our core values, guiding our strategic navigation of building an incredible team of leaders across Goodwill. This is personified by our President and CEO, as he was recognized by Business in Edmonton as one of the top CEOs in the province.

As I look towards the future, I am confident Goodwill is well-positioned for continued growth and success. I am pleased to announce that Erin Skinner will be stepping in as the new Board Chair, as she will provide excellent leadership in this role. As an experienced Board Member, Erin brings a wealth of knowledge and inspiration to the role of Board Chair.

Each and every day, I share with so many people how our incredible Goodwill is changing lives for the better, strengthening families and the communities we proudly serve through the power of work and the dignity of a job. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Chair for the past several years. Knowing where we started, where we are at and the journey we have been on, I am charged with excitement to know the best is truly ahead of us.

It has been an honour and a privilege to work with such a talented and dedicated group of individuals.


Making a Difference with Dignity and Joy

Our Vision
Brand Promise
Our Mission
Goodwill will be recognized as a leader for the provision of employment opportunities for people with disabilities or barriers to employment through best practices in community and environmental stewardship.
Inspiring Albertans to make a difference!
Through the power of work, Goodwill provides individuals with disabilities or barriers to employment the opportunity to enhance their lives.

At Goodwill Industries of Alberta, we are committed to providing an exceptional shopper and donor experience to our customers. As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure that these guidelines are up-to-date and represent who we are today and who we aspire to be tomorrow, we have updated our mission, core purpose, core values and our big impact goal. These updates will guide our actions and decisions, while serving as a foundation for our operations to provide a framework for how we support our community. Our mission defines who we are. Our core purpose is why we exist. Our big impact goal is what guides us, while our core values provide our moral compass.

  • Mission: Through the power of work, Goodwill provides individuals with disabilities or barriers to employment the opportunity to enhance their lives.
  • Core Purpose: Impacting people and the planet for an amazing Alberta!
  • Big Impact Goal: Through the Journey of Good, we will be #1 in all we do!
  • Core Values:
    • We care and it shows.
    • We are ONE amazing team.
    • We get better and better every day.
    • We make a positive impact.

As a non-profit social enterprise led by a volunteer Board of Directors, these guiding principles will help us to better serve our customers, volunteers, team members and business partners to achieve our mission of finding meaningful employment for those with disabilities or barriers.


Our Mission Comes To Life!


Awards & Recognition

Clean 50
Top CEO in Edmonton
Change Buildings for Climate
A Sustainable Action Plan for GOOD.

The Clean50 Top Projects annually recognize those projects completed in the prior two years based on their innovation, their ability to inform, and inspire other Canadians. The Top Project of the year is then selected each year at the Clean50 Summit, from votes cast by both incoming and Alumni members of the Clean50.

Goodwill is proud to be a 2023 Delta Management Group Clean 50 Top Project for the Goodwill Impact Centre. In Edmonton specifically (not including the rest of the province) Goodwill annually diverts over 90% of all donated goods from landfills.

As part of Goodwill’s commitment to continuously improving its sustainability action plan, in order to become a Zero Waste organization, the Impact Centre recently launched a program for mending damaged Goodwill uniforms, instead of discarding and buying new ones.

The Goodwill Impact Centre is at the centre of Goodwill’s commitment to continuously improving its sustainability action plan in order to become a Zero Waste organization.

For more on the Clean 50 Awards and other projects that make a difference, please visit:
Business in Edmonton.

Edmonton thrives thanks to business leadership. As the world keeps turning and changing, it is those that take the charge in the interest of their city, teams and communities that deserve to be thanked and recognized. Business in Edmonton magazine recognized Goodwill Industries of Alberta’s leadership with a prestigious award in 2022, as President and CEO Dale Monaghan was honoured as one of the top CEO’s in the Edmonton region.

Learning under quality leaders like Chief Archie Waquan, Pat Vincent and Stan Fisher, Dale has understood the value of catching excellence along the pursuit of perfection. No one is perfect, though working hard to be excellent is well within our reach.

For more on the top CEO's of 2022 please visit:
Award of Excellence.

In order to reduce our GHG emissions and lessen the effects of climate change, the City of Edmonton developed a Building Energy Benchmarking Pilot program to help large building owners and operators reduce their building energy use and reduce community GHG emissions in the city.
Thanks to the amazing Edmonton Impact Centre, Goodwill Industries of Alberta was recognized with an award for EXCELLENCE! This award honours the leadership and dedication in Edmonton’s Building Energy Benchmarking Program, with a commitment to high-performing, energy-efficient buildings.

For more on Change Buildings for Climate please visit:

A Year of Firsts

Thrifting Hall of Fame

Honouring Local Thrift Excellence with a virtual hall of fame!
Goodwill Industries of Alberta presents the best thrifters in the province! With 5 categories, we found thrifters from every walk of life. There are so many reasons why you thrift, and uncovered these unique stories with our first ever class inducted to the Goodwill Thrifting Hall of Fame!
The event was held in Edmonton, Alberta at The Creative Hive, a venue consisting of thrifted items, creating a perfect backdrop for this event. This was a celebration of the art of thrifting, where treasure hunters, and fashion enthusiasts came together, commemorating those who have made a lasting impact in the word of second-hand shopping.
In a world where sustainability, individuality and style collide, the Thrifting Hall of Fame stands as a testament to the power of embracing pre-loved fashion and the joy of discovering hidden gems.
With our inaugural class now immortalized in thrifting history, we are continuing our pursuit for the best thrifters in the province. This is a tribute and salute to the trailblazers who have revolutionized the way we think about second-hand treasures.
Please welcome the the first ever class and class of 2022!
  • Antique Finds - Kelton Libich
  • DIY of the Year - Charlene Keough
  • Fashionable Finds - Emilie Gagnon
  • Donor of the Year - Doreen Essihos
  • Home Décor Hero - The Thrifting Bitties: Heather and Ashleigh
  • Honourary Donor of the Year - College H.U.N.K.S.
To visit the Hall of Fame please click here!  

Thrift Store Bus Tour

On National Thrift Day 30 thrifters had VIP access to shop with Goodwill!
On National Thrift Shop Day we are took 30 thrifters across the city of Calgary to various thrift stores to shop until they drop! With four stops, you will have time to visit three Goodwill locations, and one partner non-profit thrift store: Change is Good.
While the party bus was scheduled to pick the group up at noon, enthusiastic thrifters began showing up at Plaza Goodwill as early as 10:30 a.m. to let the shopping festivities commence. Many were able to point out the party crew as they filled up the store with matching blue bandanas and thrifting-themed bingo cards.
Thirty thrifters were able to shop until they dropped while supporting good causes within their community! The purchases made at each stop go towards supporting Goodwill Industries of Alberta's mission to help Albertans with disabilities find and gain meaningful employment.
Buying second-hand goods brings a new item into someone's life while simultaneously supporting Goodwill's sustainability initiatives. Last year, Goodwill Industries of Alberta diverted over 19.6 million kg from local landfills.

Second Hand Fashion Show

Models from Goodwill’s Career Connections program!
Thrift is thriving in Alberta, enabling Goodwill Industries of Alberta to make a difference, strengthening communities and lives, through the power of work and the dignity of a job.
On August 17, 2023, National Thrift Shop Day is celebrated across North America annually. To mark the occasion, Goodwill hosted the first-ever Goodwill Fashion Show on Whyte Avenue in Old Strathcona from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m. This outdoor event took place in the Goodwill on Whyte parking lot at 10110 82 Ave NW. Models were made up volunteers from Goodwill’s Career Connections program, a program specializing in finding work opportunities and job training for those with a disability. These models "Worked the Runway” showcasing a variety of styles from Canadian tuxedos to 80s vintage that can be found at your local thrift store.

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Thrifting Hall of Fame

Thrifting Hall of Fame


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Honouring Local Thrift Excellence with a virtual hall of fame!

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Thrift Store Bus Tour

Thrift Store Bus Tour


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On National Thrift Day 30 thrifters had VIP access to shop with Goodwill!

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Second Hand Fashion Show

Second Hand Fashion Show


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Models from Goodwill’s Career Connections program!


A Donated Car
Premier AISH Announcement
Second Hand Boom
An SUV crashed into a Goodwill Donation Centre in south Edmonton in June of 2022. A photo tweeted by Goodwill shows an SUV just inside the donation centre, damage to the entrance, and Edmonton police officers outside.

Edmonton police told CTV News a woman in her 60s crashed into the Goodwill just before 9:30 a.m., but no injuries were reported, and the store was closed at the time.

The Edwards location at 375 91 Street was temporarily closed for 3 months for repairs, while donations were diverted to the SouthPark location at 3803 Calgary Trail NW, in Edmonton.
Premier Danielle Smith made an announcement regarding AISH from Goodwill's Calgary Trail location in Edmonton.

Alberta’s Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped and Persons with Developmental Disabilities (AISH) and other government benefit programs will be re-indexed starting in 2023.

AISH supports about 70,000 Albertans with permanent medical issues that prevent them from earning a living by providing a basic benefit of $1,685 per month, according to the province.
Second-hand stores like Goodwill Alberta have seen a massive increase in sales as inflation rises.

Buying second-hand has become so popular there’s a term for it. It’s called ‘thrifting’, The people who do it call themselves thrifters, and many of them are into it for more than just saving a buck.

A 2021 fashion industry report predicts ‘fast fashion’ will continue to grow by about 20 per cent in the next decade. The reused market is set to outstrip that, growing by 185 per cent.

Community Support


Partner Recognition

Our mission begins with a donation. A donation provides an opportunity, success, innovation and so much more. With community partners who celebrate the impact a donation can make, it enables a more positive social and economic impact than ever before.

In 2022, community supporters came from across the province including various community and volunteer-led organizations. While all these partners played a significant role in helping our organization to support more people with disabilities or barriers than ever before, three organizations stood above the rest in terms of service and contributions to our mission.

WIN house

With donations coming in different shapes and sizes, non-profits seek to find the proper use for the item. Sometimes, the donation serves little purpose to the non-profit and costs money to responsibly recycle or dispose the items. Organizations like WIN house accept donations to provide women and children supplies that they may not otherwise be able to get. Although WIN house receives a large quantity of donations -more than they are able to store- many of these donations are not exactly what they need. Goodwill Industries of Alberta and WIN house announced a partnership: the WIN for GOOD project. Through this project WIN house will donate overflow donations once a month to Goodwill Industries of Alberta and in return WIN house will receive a Goodwill gift card to purchase exactly what the women and children need.

You Can Ride 2

A charitable program of Goodwill Industries of Alberta, You Can Ride 2 is an organization that offers children with disabilities the opportunity to find joy and freedom through movement by reducing barriers to riding a bike. You Can Ride 2 was started in 2003 by Strategic Director, Janine Halayko, after a 9-year-old girl she was working with as a physiotherapist asked if she was the only child in grade 3 that could not yet ride a bike. This inspired Janine to create a cycling group that would teach children with coordination challenges how to ride a bike. You Can Ride 2 has grown and evolved a lot in the past 19 years; as they now operate out of Goodwill’s Impact Centre and have expanded our programming to help even more children experience the joy of riding a bike! Over 180 bicycles are modified, adapted and sent to families each year, creating new memories for families.  

Winter Whyte Light Up

Career Connections volunteers and other Goodwill volunteers helped support the launch of Winter Whyte Light Up on November 22, 2022. In conjunction with Old Strathcona Business Association McIntyre Park was lit up with holiday colours to kick-off the holiday season. Goodwill supported by helping moderate the fire pits, set-up and other volunteer activities associated with the event. What a great way to start your holiday season in District Whyte!

Key Goodwill Info


Board of Directors

Kevin MacDonald

Chair of Governance Committee

Kevin is the newest Board Chair of Goodwill Industries of Alberta. He is the Founder and Business Consultant at L6S Business Consulting, helping business owners with overall planning, strategies and increasing operational efficiencies and profitability. Over Kevin’s career, he has taken on various roles which allowed him to lead the IT, Human Resources and Accounting departments of various companies.

Kevin has a family member that is legally blind and suffers from a mental illness. The sleepless nights, frustrations, and heartache that Kevin’s family has gone through is the reason that Kevin joined the Board of Goodwill. If one less Albertan family doesn’t have to go through the same emotional roller coaster, Kevin sees him time at Goodwill as successful.

Get To Know Me

Erin Skinner

Board Chair

Erin wants all Albertans to have opportunities for meaningful employment and is proud to serve on Goodwill’s board. She believes in the power of work, beyond the paycheque, to positively change lives and build communities.

A life-long Albertan, Erin has family and deep roots in both Calgary and Edmonton. In her spare time, Erin is an enthusiastic gardener and is a volunteer judge for Communities in Bloom. She also enjoys DIY projects and upcycling thrift finds from Goodwill.

Get To Know Me

Jodi Tomchyshyn London

Finance and Audit Committee

Jodi has over 18 years’ experience encouraging and advancing best practices and policies related to waste minimization, recycling, and a circular economy.

She currently owns and operates JTL Squared Consulting Inc. specializing in overseeing and implementing product stewardship programs and extended producer responsibility programs, encouraging waste minimization.

Get To Know Me

Teri Muhlbeier

Secretary/Finance & Audit

As long-term resident of the Edmonton community, Teri has been actively involved in volunteering throughout her life as a mentor, board member and chair of fundraising events. Her career has included accounting and leadership positions in non-profit, public and the private sector.

Terri is always looking for opportunities to give back. She joined the Goodwill board because she believes in their mission and wants to help enhance the lives of people living with disabilities.

Get To Know Me

Werner Pietrzyk

Treasurer & Chair of Finance Committee

Working and living out of Edmonton, Werner’s experience spans from accounting and finance to strategic planning and budgeting.

Werner joined the Goodwill team because of the mission and the business model of the social enterprise. Given his experience working in a cooperative system he felt he was in a good position to help add some additional value to an already amazingly well-managed organization.

Get To Know Me

Steven Trottier


Steven brings experience from non-profit, for-profit and educational environments. He is passionate about Alberta’s success and promoting Goodwill’s mission of assisting Albertan’s with disabilities in gaining meaningful employment. Steven is a Business Instructor at Bow Valley College and past positions have spanned operations, human resources and marketing.

Educated in India, Europe, Africa and Canada, Steven has travelled to over 35 countries and brings an international perspective to his work. He is an active volunteer in the community and current PhD Candidate, exploring the impact of student loan and consumer debt on Canada’s millennial population.

Get To Know Me

Leeca Sonnema


Leeca is a registered nurse by profession and works as the Director of Clinical Services at the Edmonton West Primary Care Network, where she and her team provide primary care expertise and supports to family physicians and their patients.

Born and raised in Alberta, Leeca has worked in the not-for-profit healthcare sector for over 20 years, first as an ICU nurse and later as a health care leader. She is passionate about advocacy through the preservation of human dignity, promotion of equality, and relief of suffering, to ensure that all Albertans can live their best lives.

Get To Know Me

Kashmir Gill

Finance & Audit

Born in India, raised in the UK, and a proud Albertan for more than forty years, Kashmir feels blessed to serve as a volunteer and community-builder. He has brought his extensive public and private sector professional business experience in innovation to support and strengthen many local and international non-profit organizations, and the communities they serve.

Kashmir is excited to join the Goodwill local Board because he believes in the mission of the organization to empower and enhance the lives of people disadvantaged by various types of visible and invisible disabilities and barriers.

Get To Know Me

John Panusa

Vice Chair

Currently the President and CEO of Legal Aid Alberta, an organization that provides legal services and support to vulnerable and disadvantaged Albertans across the Province, John has over 20 years of experience serving individuals who face significant challenges. He has also held a number of leadership positions with WorkSafeBC, an organization tasked with occupational health and safety enforcement and the rehabilitation and re-entry into the workforce of workers injured on the job throughout British Columbia.

As a Chartered Director designation from the Directors College, McMaster University, John looks to use his experience to help guide an organization that means so much to the community and the province.

Get To Know Me

B. Elizabeth Romo Rabago


Holding a Master in Sustainable Energy Development from the University of Calgary, Elizabeth is also a biologist and an impact entrepreneur. As a passionate artist, her upcycled artwork, and environmental consulting work in Mexico and Canada have contributed to divert waste from the landfill and to help the public and private sectors to embed sustainability as part of their core values.

Elizabeth believes in an inclusive society and in the empowerment of people as key for achieving healthy societies and environmental protection.

Get To Know Me

Wendy Ivey

Finance & Audit Committee

Wendy brings senior-level banking, risk management, and financial regulation experience to Goodwill.

She believes in giving back to her community, and has volunteered with not-for-profits in Alberta.

She was drawn to Goodwill because it is an organization that’s committed to enhancing lives by providing individuals with opportunities for growth, and is honoured to be contributing to the Board.

Get To Know Me

Dale Monaghan

President & CEO

Since joining Goodwill Industries of Alberta as President and CEO in 2012, Dale has provided significant experience in both business and community development.

Goodwill industries of Alberta currently ranks among the top 10 Goodwill’s in North America, for which there are 160. He previously worked with the Mikisew Group of Companies, Alberta Legislature, City of Edmonton and Travel Alberta, providing expertise in business development and marketing at the national and international levels.

Dale is an active volunteer in the community including serving on the Board of Directors for the 2012 Alberta Winter Games and has been involved with the Special Olympics. He is passionate about building a stronger, more vibrant Alberta through Goodwill’s award winning social enterprise model, strengthening people, families and communities through the dignity of a job and the power of work.

Get To Know Me

Financial Report

Goodwill Industries of Alberta is dedicated to providing a transparent and comprehensive overview of our non-profit organization's fiscal performance and financial stewardship. We are proud of our commitment to accountability, responsible management, and the effective utilization of resources. As a non-profit organization, our financial information serves as a testament to our mission-driven work and our dedication to serving our beneficiaries and the community at large. We invite you to join us on this journey, as we showcase our financial achievements and the positive impact they have on the causes we serve.

Thanks to the generosity of Albertans province-wide, Goodwill received 765,692 donations, of gently-used household items. These donated items contribute to a self-sustaining non-profit social enterprise, focused on creating employment opportunities for those with disabilities or barriers.

With total retail sales at $37,518,112 Goodwill has been able to re-investment more into our mission than ever before, with 91% being reinvested into mission programs.

(All-Time Record)
Of Every Dollar Reinvested into mission
Diversion Rate From Landfills
Employees With A Self-disclosed Disability
Total Revenues
Provincial Contracts
Donation Revenue
Contracts and Other Revenue
Total Expenses
Materials and Other Costs
Human Resources

Thank you!

Goodwill Industries of Alberta is a non-profit charitable social enterprise that depends on support from community and corporate Albertans. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the following supporters.

Goodwill @ Work is composed of micro social enterprises that focus on creating opportunity for people with disabilities, training, and sustainability. These enterprises are based out of the AMAZING Edmonton Impact Centre and includes: Commercial Services, Repair For GOOD and the Assembly of products.


Goodwill is One of the Largest Employers of Albertans with Disabilities.

At Goodwill, our vision, mission and values are the fabric of our organization. Whether it is customer service, our programs or our teams, we believe our vision is what steers us, our mission is who we are and our values are our moral compass.
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